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The American Dream

Our friends often wonder why in the world we enjoy doing infomercials. It’s a legitimate question. After all, the industry does have a bit of a used-car salesman image, which is sometimes well deserved. The reason, we enjoy it, however, is that it can be the ultimate example of the American Dream… all wrapped up in thirty minutes or less.

Where else can someone come up with a great idea, put it in front of millions of people and potentially create millions of dollars in sales in a few months? Couple this with the relatively low cost of launching an infomercial, the immediate sales feedback, and the addition of interactive and social media strategies, and you have the recipe for success.

So what’s not to like? If you look at the industry success rate, only 1 in 10 infomercial products will actually succeed. That’s just 10%, which we thought was a bit ridiculous. You have to remember, however, that those numbers include products launched by amateurs, and unscrupulous companies and producers, who will jump at the chance to produce any infomercial for any product. At the Random Agency, we approach things from a completely different perspective, and select our products very, very carefully. The result? A 90% success rate.

With that type of record, which is unmatched in the industry, you can see why companies like Disney, the George Foreman Grill, Marie Osmond, the Juiceman, and many others have turned to the Random Agency. We have a unique approach, a tireless dedication to our clients, tremendous instincts, and the results to prove it.

In the end, we stand by, ready to help. Whether it’s an inventor with a new product or a Fortune 100 company seeking to quickly and effectively expand sales, we know exactly what we’re doing, and we can help you capture success.

We are fortunate to live in a nation where anyone can achieve success simply be coming up with a new idea. When my friends ask me why we enjoy doing infomercials, I simply reply that we love helping people live out their American Dream. What could be better than that?

The Evolution of Random

When I was 22, I was hired to write, direct and produce international Christmas Specials for Disney.  The project was a huge success and led to future work in the Emmy-Award winning shows Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Secrets of the Animal Kingdom.  I’ve produced and directed for ABC, NBC, ESPN, the NBA, and Paramount Pictures.  Along the way, we built a team, and made numerous campaigns, commercials and themed attractions for Disney, NASA, and the CNN Experience in New York City.  We also made a short film, which was acquired by Dreamworks and Imagine Entertainment.

The name of the company became Random Motion Pictures.  Why Random?  Well, what other company combined television, films, commercials, themed attractions, and marketing expertise?  It was a Random collection of talent, but when brought together, it brought immense success for our clients.

Our ability to attract and influence consumers was not lost on large corporations.  Before long, we were asked to jump into the world of infomercials and direct response.  Our projects have included the George Foreman Grill, GEM Keep it Cool with Marie Osmond, the George Foreman Roaster, the Juiceman, and our latest success, Disney Vacation Club.

As our infomercial and commercial department grew, and became more successful, our clients requested our help in media buying, call center management, and fulfillment operations.  We grew our team, and exceeded our clients’ expectations.  Not only is it easier for our clients, it has allowed us to substantially increase profitability and the ROI for our clients.

What does the future hold?  There are no limits.  We are expanding our interactive team, growing our experiential video department, and have a few other tricks up our sleeves.  We are dedicated to the success of each and every one of our clients, and look forward to exceeding all of their expectations along the way.

Now, after nearly a decade, it is clear that the name Random Motion Pictures does not quite capture exactly what we do.  We are, by any measure, one of the most integrated full-service agencies on the planet.  Our team can handle nearly every element of a campaign, and we have valuable partners to assist in any function we do not incorporate in-house.  And so, here at the start of 2013, Random Motion Pictures officially becomes the Random Agency.

Welcome.  How can we help you?

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