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Direct Response TV

When we are asked why we love direct response advertising, the answer is fairly simple. What other medium provides you with national exposure, immediate results, access to targeted audiences, and an advertising platform that can not only pay for itself, but also generate incredible profits? What’s not to love about Direct Response TV?

When Random launches a DRTV campaign, our goal is to elicit an immediate emotional response in our viewers. We want them to react at that very moment by picking up their phone or accessing your website. This may sound simple but it is far from it. Industry estimates tell us that only 5% of direct response campaigns are successful. At Random, we are happy to boast a 90% success rate. We create success by working with you in identifying your key target markets, creating messages to reach that demographic, and finding unique, innovative and effective ways to deliver the product’s message.

All of our writing, production and post-production are done in-house. We use only the latest in HD technology, and produce high quality creative that rivals prime-time network programming. Random has successfully launched both long form infomercials and short form DRTV spot campaigns that have sold millions of dollars in products and services. We know direct response.

If you think your product is right for direct response TV as either a short form spot or full half-hour infomercial, contact us. We’re here to help.

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