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Marketing Campaign Management

At Random, we are experts at creating incredibly effective campaigns that deliver outstanding results for our clients. Getting the message out, however, is just the start of a truly successful campaign. To deliver the highest possible return on investment, all in-house, third party and associated partners that support the campaign in any fashion must be carefully managed, refined, and coordinated.

At Random, we understand that expert campaign management is critical to a campaign's success and the overall brand. We have experience managing media buys, call centers, fulfillment partners, customer service centers and interactive and web service providers. Beyond that, our team is constantly analyzing campaign results and breaking down the data by every possible metric. We know that analytics are key to refining strategies, techniques, and any third-party directives.

Why do we do all of this? It’s simple…the success of our clients. By using every tool at our disposal, and carefully managing every aspect and partner of the campaign, our team at Random can ensure that our clients achieve the absolute highest possible return on their investment.

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