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Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing is one of the only ways small companies with big ideas can far surpass their financial dreams in a quick fashion. At the same time, and as recent Random campaigns have proven, direct response is also an invaluable tool for large corporations. Regardless of the company or product, with Random, you can rest assured that we have the direct response marketing expertise and experience to create success for you.

Most direct response marketing agencies and infomercial production companies use a one-size-fits-all formula. At Random, we have assembled a team of direct response marketing experts that tailor individual campaign strategies. As a result, our TV and radio campaigns message our target demographics effectively, present high production values to enhance the brand value, and create outstanding results.

There is one final important distinction between Random and other agencies: we are extremely selective in the products we support. If we do not believe that a product is appropriate for direct response, and we do not feel that we can sell it more effectively than anyone in the industry, we will politely decline the opportunity. Our president and founder personally reviews every new product submission, and will give you a completely honest evaluation of your product.

If you need an expert partner in direct response marketing, contact Random. We’re here to help.

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