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Resort Video Production

Resort Video Production

Since our inception, one of our great passions has been resort video production.   While my friends usually think we’re going off on vacation, creating breathtaking resort marketing materials can be a tireless job.  It is, however, one that we love.  The passion we have for this unique medium has certainly been evident in the success we have enjoyed with our clients.


What are the secrets to resort video production?  I would love to give you a quick list, but the answer is a bit complex.  In order to be successful at producing resort videos, digital marketing collateral or in-room videos, your materials must do much more than simply show you what the resort looks like.  To create a true success, they must effectively communicate what it FEELS like.


As with any campaign, we must make an emotional connection with consumers.  For resorts, or tourism marketing, we have to communicate the feeling of being there.  Whether it is the calm and tranquil relaxation you experience from sitting on a secluded beach in Hawaii, or the rush of adrenaline you get from rushing down the snow-covered slopes in Colorado, we always find a way to bring the audience to your resort through breathtaking visuals, music, and voiceover or actors.  For a production to be successful, this is simply a necessity.


All too often, our clients have turned to us after their previous efforts have underperformed.  Usually, they are a bit puzzled as to whey their new video is not converting effectively.  In every single case, our team has not just changed the visuals, we have completely changed the approach.  By working closely with the resort’s marketing team, we try to dig down as to why people love the resort.  What makes them return?  What excites them about coming to your little piece of paradise?  Once we have the answer to those questions, we create videos and a campaign that can dramatically increase conversions.


For our clients, the great news is that technology has dramatically reduced the costs of resort video production.  Today, we use Canon’s newest cinema technology, that allows us to capture feature-film quality visuals at a lower cost, and with a smaller crew, than ever before.  In addition, we have drones that allow us to sweep over the ocean or treetops and fly onto your property with incredible grace and beauty.  It allows you, and your guests, a unique experience that they have never seen before, at a fraction of the cost of traditional aerials.


As president of the Random Agency, I have been fortunate to produce and direct at resorts all over the world.  I’ve been to all 50 states, and 14 different countries.  Whether it is for a new campaign, a commercial, or a television show like ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, my friends always say the same thing:  “It must be tough!”  Truth be told, we do work long hours, travel great distances, and work tirelessly to maximize our time in paradise.  At the end of the day, however, working at a beautiful resort sure does beat sitting in a cubicle.


Drone Video Production

Let your audience take flight to your resort.


About the Author



Randy Pryor is the president of The Random Agency in Orlando, Florida.  For over 20 years, he has produced commercials, television shows, in-room programing, and sales DVDs for some of the biggest names in the tourism industry.  If you have any questions, please contact him at Randy@GoRandom.com or at 888-Go-Random.




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